Buy All on Account of You at Lulu.comAll on Account of You: A True WWII Love Story

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A candid memoir from a time when love and faith were paramount.

All on Account of You: A True WWII Love Story

1942. Angie Courtney is a spirited young woman realizing her dream. She is living in a girls’ club in New York City, studying fashion design. Bill Luddy, a boy she left behind in her hometown of Altoona, PA, is now a Ninety-day Wonder stationed on a Navy ship docked on the Hudson Bay. They begin dating each other again in 1942 during his officers' training and he wins her heart through his daily love letters.

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Buy Thinking About Therapy at iUniverse.comThinking About Therapy? What to Expect from "The Talking Cure"

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A former therapy client shares her experience and insights about the process of psychotherapy.

For most people, just thinking about going for professional help can be both anxiety-provoking and intimidating. How do you know if you need to go? What will be expected of you?

Thinking About Therapy provides straightforward answers to over 100 questions about psychotherapy. It’s like having a supportive friend to guide you through the process. Based on my own experience with therapy, it lays out a step-by-step plan for success in therapy in an easy-to-read style. The book is meant for people considering therapy themselves, or for people who want to know more about it for a friend or family member.

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Captured Words: A Sentimental Journey

Captured Words: A Sentimental Journey cover

A Woman's Poignant Observations on Daily Life

Captured Words: A Sentimental Journey is a collection of funny and thoughtful essays about everyday life. The stories will remind you to take time to appreciate the special moments in each day.

With whimsical illustrations by graphic artist Greg Carter, Captured Words is the perfect gift book for anyone on your list. You can read the whole book in a couple of sittings, or carry it with you to read one story at a time.

The book is ready-to-give, with a handmade floral paper cover, raffia ribbon, and a translucent envelope.
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