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No matter how much I discouraged Bill, he continued to be interested in me. Eventually he started to come visit me in New York on occasion. The first time he came, it was on a Saturday and he took me out for dinner and dancing, and then to the Paramount Theatre to see Frank Sinatra on stage. I had been to New York with my father so many times as a child, but it was Bill’s first time and he was amazed at the sights and sounds of the city.

Bill stayed overnight at the McAlpin Hotel and we went to mass together in the morning before he went home. Although it took hours for him to get there on the train from Altoona, he thought nothing of it. One time he surprised me, just like he used to in Altoona. As I came out of school at lunchtime on a Friday afternoon, he was standing there and asked me if he could take me to lunch at the Hotel Taft. It was a glamorous hotel and we had a delicious meal. Then I went back to school for the afternoon.

February 27, 1941

Dearest Angela,
There is no use trying to tell you what a marvelous time I had in New York. Words couldn’t begin to describe my feelings when we danced to Isham Jones and where we reminisced with our old pal Frankie Masters. Dining at the Glass Hat was a truly marvelous experience. It was something new and different to me.
            These things all made a deep impression on me. But just holding your hand in the Paramount added a lot to the thrill of the trip. But what was really tops was just being able to sit on the couch at your home and to look at you and to hold you and to kiss you again. I don’t suppose I ever will get tired of that Angie. Maybe it’s because I have too much ambition.
            We did a lot of talking, Darling. We tried to figure out what we were never meant to figure out. We are young and there is lots of time for anything and everything we may care to do. There is no doubt in your mind or mine that we definitely have a great attraction for each other. Just when all seems lost something always snaps us back together and makes us happier than we were before.
            There is a God, Angie, and I firmly believe he will take care of our troubles. If he wants us to remain together, which seems very probable after what we have gone through so far, he will give us the necessary grace and means to bear with and help one another. If he doesn’t want us together he will probably take care of that too.
            This is my opinion of the whole thing, Darling. I get a little moody and impatient once in a while but who doesn’t? After all, we can’t have everything our own way all the time, can we?
            Now after all this momentous discussion I’ll tell you about my trip home. I boarded the sleeper at 12:30. The train left at 3:10 and arrived in Altoona at 10:15. I had a swell sleep and arrived home refreshed.
            I have oodles of work to do at school. Don’t forget to write those lovely letters like you wrote for a while. I simply couldn’t wait for the next one. My phonograph is playing “I Can’t Remember to Forget.” That goes for me too.
            Well I had no school today, Darling, so I slept late. I am going down to 12:05 mass. Remember when we used to go to 12:05 sometimes? Remember Altoona in the snow? Well, we have a fine beautiful snowfall today. Remember my meeting you at lunch time? Remember staying out in the car to 4 a.m.? Remember my turning you over my knee (cute picture)? Remember our first date? Remember all the songs I wrote? Remember two “Charity Balls” together? Remember your hay fever? Remember this and remember that but don’t forget to remember “I love you.”

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