Buy All on Account of You at Lulu.comAll on Account of You: A True WWII Love Story

A candid memoir from a time when love and faith were paramount.

“A rich documentation of a most romantic time. There is humor here, and fun, as well as an interesting insight to a remarkable historical period in our country.”
—EARL HAMNER, creator of The Waltons TV show

“…the charm of this book lies in the account of their courtship, and first years together. They were representative of millions of ordinary men and women living through extraordinary times, taking from it the happiness that they could with grace and love.” Click to read the full review.
—CELIA HAYES, who blogs as “Sgt. Mom” on Blogger News Network

Angie and Bill LuddyAll on Account of You: A True WWII Love Story

1942. Angie Courtney is a spirited young woman realizing her dream. She is living in a girls’ club in New York City, studying fashion design. Bill Luddy, a boy she left behind in her hometown of Altoona, PA, is now a Ninety-day Wonder stationed on a Navy ship docked on the Hudson Bay. They begin dating each other again in 1942 during his officers' training and he wins her heart through his daily love letters.

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